Leverage Your Marketing With State-of-the-Art Postcard Campaigns

"A strategic, cost effective way reach your target market with certainty every time."

Whether you're already farming with postcards or mailing Just Listed/Sold cards, our unique strategy is definitely worth a try.

We think that guesswork in marketing is a thing of the past and we are determined to get your message to the right prospect at the right time - every time. How do we do this you ask? Well here's how it works, we take a compelling campaign (selected by you), turn it into an eye catching, creative postcard and send it to a highly targeted list of prospects in the area of your choice. As you know, every individual in North America falls into a particular market segment according to his or her demographic traits.

Most importantly though, we have access to cutting edge technology that allows us to target your specific market segment and the individual traits within that segment to assure you that your messages reach the prospects who are most likely to respond. The result - successful campaigns and money well spent!

Your Just Listed/Sold campaigns work the same way by marketing your first time buyer, fixer upper and upscale properties to the right prospects.

Try our revolutionary postcard marketing program for your next mailing! You will see why our strategy stands apart!

Our Web2Print system now includes farming and Just Listed/Just Sold postcards that are designed to evoke an emotional response from your prospects and can be personalized to add that extra wow factor.

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